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Health Of Vagina

Many myths that circulate in the community about which a woman's vagina. But again not all true. Want to know the facts?

After yesterday's talk about facts penis size, now is the time to discuss the facts about a woman's vagina. Some women worry about the size of the vagina which they considered too small, especially those who are still virgins 0r perawan.

In general, a woman's vagina depth is 7.5 cm at the time they are not sexually aroused. As for women who had given birth, the vagina becomes a little deeper.

When the woman turned on, the depth of the vagina can be 10 cm. Of course, the vagina can be filled with a long penis can reach dozens of centimeters. So how can compensate vaginal penis size?

The vagina has a remarkable capacity as a body entered into it in stages so that the depth of the vagina can increase 150 to 200 percent. So women can be more excited when penis into the vagina slowly. The men lived to find appropriate ways to stimulate their partner, so the vagina more flexible.


Rebeca Cewek Dugem

Cewek Dugem - Singer Rebecca admitted that she had been a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages. Whose name got drunk ever made by Rebecca. But now he promises to stop.


"Inyha Allah can," he said when met at the launch of his second album, 'Rock and Soul', in Kamasutra Crown Hotel, Jl Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, Saturday (14/11/2009) night.

The main reason the Dutch-born women's February 21, 1985 was no longer get drunk of course because he has now become a Muslim. In Islam, consume alcoholic beverages, including the major sins.

Rebecca did not want to tarnish the teachings of Islam which is studying. Tall woman explained that she was impressed with the teachings of Islam.

In Islam, ex-girlfriend Abi Yapto also find peace and meaning of a life. his stop Foto Bugil circulation.

"When he heard tahlilan wow I feel empty again, I felt something next to me and give me strength," he added.

Cewek Cantik
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Janda Cantik

Janda Cantik - After her divorce from her second husband, Cessa David Lukmansyah, artists Andhara Early presenters also rumored to have re-married. Early marriage was supposedly done in secret and only the family knows it.

This was said by the Early when he was chatting with one of the band personnel Guardians. In that conversation, Early admitted if he had been married two weeks ago.

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"I was married two weeks ago. It is not a celebration, not a day," Early said when met in between video clip making the house Wali Morocco, Road Tasikmalaya, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday (31/10) night.

But when asked by reporters, Indonesia Playboy models(foto Bugil) that do not want to share stories. By reason was at work, he did not want to serve the reporters' questions.

Andhara Early himself was married twice. All the marriage ended in divorce. Married her first time with former vocalist ME, Marta Ferry Wijaya. From this marriage, Early had a son named Magali. However, Ferry did not recognize him until he divorced.

Peterpan vocalist's name, Ariel, was mentioned as the father of the child's first Early. After divorce with Ferry, Early was then married to director Cessa David Lukmansyah. But unfortunately, their marriage should break up in the middle of the road.


Model Cantik

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Bikini Model

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Sexy Model

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Beauty Model

Cewek Cantik is absolute requirement to be a model, beautiful but not the only requirement to become a top model. a model must also have a healthy body, healthy skin and hair of the beautiful as well.

Now many women decorate the beautiful model, but not all interesting, some really interesting in terms of the face, but from their appearance on the stage quite perfect outside, not impressed, and a maximum of only selling beauty only.

Indonesia has many beautiful women, but not many have a great model.